Friday, July 27, 2012

Pinterest Taught Me How

Like so many of you, I am obsessed with Pinterest.  Logging in is like opening a door to another world.  A world full of creative people who inspire and encourage me to...

See the World

Try A New Recipe

Be Fashionable

Create Something New

Laugh A Lot

and that
I'm never too old to seek 
out good advise.

Of course there is so so much more out there.  You'll just have to go check it out yourself.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Puppy Love

The newest addition to our family is this little guy... He is about 8wks old in this picture.

We've decided to name him Edison.  He is a portuguese water dog.  Adorable huh?
He is now 3 months and 1 week.  Edison weighs in around 23lb right now.

Love those puppy lips.

He just ate.  I think he needs a napkin.

Edison's favorite sleeping position.

This little big guy is so much fun.  He makes us laugh every day.  Love our beastie boy, even though he pulled out my favorite tulips from the flower bed. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let's Do A Little Digging

     It's March...yep it is.  Spring...I say Spring is literally right around the corner, well okay, maybe not literally because that would be my neighbors house and it surely isn't there, but it is coming soon.  Can't wait to see which of the bulbs I planted in the Fall come up first.  These are my favorite:

Angelique Tulip

Okay, maybe not this one.  It's a dandelion.  Beautiful though!

     I like to add a little "vintage junk" to my planting so I'm looking forward to doing some junking this Spring.  Maybe hit some auctions, garage sales, junk yards, and such.  Or I could just customize a t-shirt with these two words, "Got Junk?" and just walk around town.  One man's junk is another man's treasure, literally.  So sit back and admire all the fun finds.  Click on the photos to find even more garden junk ideas.

Beautiful and fun way to repurpose that old junk laying around.  And after browsing through these pictures, over and over, I'm really excited to get those garden gloves dirty.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Going On A Trip

I'm going on a trip and I'm
going in this:

And I'm taking along
this little guy:

I'm going to need the
right clothes:

To do a little of this:

And if I want to do
a little of this:

I'll need this adorable
little number:

With this adorable little
number on top:
I'll stop for 
refreshments here:

And change into
this sweet ensemble:

So I can hang
out here:

And read this
till the sunsets:

Oh yes!  I'm going on this trip.  Someday!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

So What Is It That We Do In Belize?

So what is it exactly that we do while in Belize?
Well let's take a looksy...

We watch the sun rise from our balcony.

We watch the sun set from sea.

We take long walks along the beach.
We take catamaran cruises.

We drive fancy cars on fancy streets.

We swim underwater.
We pet sharks underwater.
We take Ceviche cooking classes next to water.
We take pictures of women with awesome tatoos.
We go fishing at sea.
We get refreshed at sea.
We pose for pictures at sea.
We parasail.
We kayak.
We watch the local boys catch crabs.
We stop and smell the flowers.
We reunite with old friends.
We laugh with old friends.
We make new friends.
We make new friends from Poland who win Golf Cart Races.
We welcome family.
We play with sting rays.
We play with our food.
We eat our food.
We float through caves on inner tubes.
We scream when we fall off our tubes while in caves.
We watch people watching us.
We zipline through jungles.

We have other tourists take our silly portraits.
We take self portraits over looking Guatemala.
We scale Myan Temples.
We take pictures of signs that tell us what to take.
We get great tans.
Okay now, who all is coming to Belize?