Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let's Do A Little Digging

     It's March...yep it is.  Spring...I say Spring is literally right around the corner, well okay, maybe not literally because that would be my neighbors house and it surely isn't there, but it is coming soon.  Can't wait to see which of the bulbs I planted in the Fall come up first.  These are my favorite:

Angelique Tulip

Okay, maybe not this one.  It's a dandelion.  Beautiful though!

     I like to add a little "vintage junk" to my planting so I'm looking forward to doing some junking this Spring.  Maybe hit some auctions, garage sales, junk yards, and such.  Or I could just customize a t-shirt with these two words, "Got Junk?" and just walk around town.  One man's junk is another man's treasure, literally.  So sit back and admire all the fun finds.  Click on the photos to find even more garden junk ideas.

Beautiful and fun way to repurpose that old junk laying around.  And after browsing through these pictures, over and over, I'm really excited to get those garden gloves dirty.