Kitchen Works

Pretty outdated.  Needs a complete overhaul.
The kitchen area itself was small and boxed in.

Not a lot of floor space or cupboards.

A great before photo of stairs and fireplace.
They used the area with the chandelier as their dining area.  We moved the dining downstairs as you will see in later photos.
The demo.  John starts moving appliances out.  And we have already cut out the doorway.  The space already looks bigger.
The cupboards over the counter have been removed also.
And there you have it.  A blank slate.  We are putting in a gas stove and moving it to the wall where the window is so we are patiently awaiting the arrival of the electrician and gasman.
I realize it is nice to have a lot of outlets...but this is overkill.

Meantime we took down the railing and replaced the stairs which we discovered were barely hanging there.

The cupboards are going up.

The fridge was moved down and a pantry cupboard with pullout drawers was put in.  Gas line is going in and dishwasher being installed.
Hardwood floors installed and first coat of paint finished.
The apron sink is John's favorite.  My favorite is the dishwasher.  It's actually two separate washers.  John and I had many many conversations on whether or not to go with stainless steel (every one's doing it).  But in the end decided on the black appliances.  They look super against the cupboards.
And there it is.  Bright and open.  The glass blocks under the bar light up.  Beautiful in the evening.

The counter tops are a high definition laminent.  We opted out on granite for now.  (I have a hard time with the sound they make when you set things down, like a glass.  It's like nails on a chalkboard.  Weird I know.)  The wall behind the cupboards is a milk chocolate brown.  The color helps blend the tile back splash and cabinets.  We're looking for new bar chairs.  Any suggestions?  And we also need (serious) help with curtains which we haven't really spent any time on yet.

The microwave fits under the counter nicely.  John just finished installing another pendant light over this wider counter area so it is not in this photo.  Oh, and take a look (or don't) at the hideous curtains.  Still looking.
Tile Murial.

Taking out this doorway really opened everything up.

My friend Sue and I did the faux wall finish.  She is amazing.  I will have to guest post some of her work sometime.

We kept the original railings.  Just sanded and painted.  There is a baby gate around the stairs in this photo which was temp.