Sunday, October 11, 2015

Our 2015 Italy Trip - Verona/Vicenza

Today we traveled to the towns of Verona and Vicenza. Both extremely beautiful and unique. Many famous actors/actresses have homes here including Brad/Angelina.

Grabbing espressos before our train ride to Verona.

Our guide for the day was Andrea. He was such a character. We instantly became friends. 

Behind us is the famous balcony outside Juliets home from Romeo and Juliet. It's actually a funny story since the balcony didn't really even exist until after the movie came out. It was then added and is now the most visited spot in Verona. 

We came across a couple in a horse drawn carriage who just got married. Beautiful.

These next two pics are an early example of photo shop. The sculpture is of the writer Dante. He was actually short with a large nose and not good looking. Apparently they only wanted beautiful people depicted.

The Arena which held the gruesome gladiator battles was partially torn down by the churches and the material recycled to build new churches. They now use it for concerts both pop and opera. Leonardo Di Caprio has a place right behind where I am standing.

The next couple of pics are from Vincenza.

They actually have a tribute to Thomas Jefferson there. Apparently they thought he was pretty great.

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