Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Missing Craig

I'm in such a dilemma.  Craig, my one and only, newly adopted house plant, is dusty.   Not just lightly cute and fuzzy dander dusty, but, whoaaaa, I can't hold my branches up kinda dusty.  So...what's the dilemma???   As Craig sits in my kitchen sink I'm debating, with myself, scary, I know, on how Craig would like to be cleansed.  Is Craig the "just get r done, rough me up" kinda guy?  Or the gentle, one leaf at a time pat me dry sort?  I know right now as I type this and he stares at me from across the kitchen he's saying, "Just take the high road."  Okay, okay Craig.  Enough is enough.  I've shaved you once and I'm not afraid to do it again.  But today, sorry, all you get is a spritz. Soon, and I promise, soon, you'll get a full transplant.  One where you get to stretch out and fully spread your wings.  I promise.

In memory of a great friend.

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