Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Dinner. That's A Wrap.

I've really been stressing pondering what to serve for Christmas dinner.  Something that doesn't require a big mess.  Perhaps even something I can prepare in advance, heat, and serve.  Ahh, now I'm getting somewhere.  I think I'll start with this:

A yummy chicken alfredo lasagna.  With a side of this:

Roasted garlic bread.  With a splash of this:

A sweet Reisling.  For dessert we must have cake.  This one looks delicious.

A great coconut cake.  Light and airy just like fresh fallen snow.  And to go along with that white coconut goodness:

A hot cup of Nutella hot cocoa with marshmallow.  And there it is.  A Christmas dinner all wrapped up.

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