Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Think I'm Nesting

Recently I've felt that ole' "nesting" feeling.  You know, the feeling pregnant women get when they're about to deliver.  They go around cleaning up the nest preparing for the rascals wee ones.   Sanitizing, straightening, organizing, scrubbing, and general detailing.  Well, good news for all, especially John, I'm not pregnant, maybe just a little menopausal.  I have although been in "that" mood.  Note the pics below.  I do hope it sticks around awhile (I feel like I'm just getting started).
Our dishes are black and red.  The black are a bit hard to spot in the photo.  I have always preferred having the dishes in a drawer vs. a cupboard.  Easier access.
Lids neatly organized.  I actually threw some out.  I don't think I really needed a lid for every bowl since the bowls are all alike.  How often would I actually be using every bowl and lid.
Bowls all nicely stacked.

 I have since gotten ahold of the spice cupboard and the utensil drawer and pretty much all the other kitchen cupboards.  Next is the hall closet and bathroom.


  1. We are moving very soon and I can't wait to organize my new kitchen drawers. Yours look great!

  2. Thanks Pam. If you get anywhere near an IKEA store they are the kings of organization. Especially small spaces. Hope you share your own pictures. And happy moving.