Thursday, October 27, 2011

TV/Dining Room Remodel

John and I were so excited to start on this room.  Originally the garage, this area was one big open space.  We new right away dividing the room would be our best option.  Even though we wanted two designated areas, we didn't want to "wall" the rooms either.  Making a built-in area for John's he-man sized TV/stereo system was something we had to consider also.  What we came up with turned out to be a TV island of sorts which separates the two areas.  TV room on one side, dining area on the other.  As the island was being built I noticed it kept getting bigger and bigger.  We had designed it to have one pillar on each end, but the proportions were off so we trucked back to the lumber yard (120 miles one way) and picked up two more.  As the TV area grew I was finding that my dining area was shrinking.  Oh well, I pretty much have the rest of the house, I'll give him his space.
TV Side Before
Dining Side Before
Adding Archways

Divided After

Dining Side After

TV Side After - Vintage Cameras & Transom Windows Above TV  

Front Door Before - This closet was removed also.
Front Door After
Removing closet & framing hallway to back door.
Hall to back door w/built in benches.


  1. I LOVE before and after shots of houses. In fact, you have inspired me to do one of my own!

  2. Thanks Sarah. Would love to see how your visions unfold. You have a creative mind so I'm sure it shines through in your home.