Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elvi's Kitchen-Oh So Good!

More yummy goodness from San Pedro, Belize. 

Situated on a corner right on Middle Street, Elvi's Kitchen is an adorable local restaurant with a lime green exterior and sand floor, thatched roof interior.  

Can you believe all this is inside?  How fun!  And yes, that is sand on the floor, freshly raked.  How cool!

They have a large menu selection so there should be something for everyone.  Prices shown on the menu are in Belizean dollar, so divide in half and that's the US version.  Not too bad.

I had the chicken nachos.  They were delicious.  I highly recommend.  John and I could have easily shared this meal, but he chose a chicken burrito.  Good choice there also.  I had a bite.  Yum!

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