Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flayva's- San Ignacio (Cayo)

Across Belize, almost to the Guatemala border, is San Ignacio in the Cayo District.  We waved over a local pedestrian and asked for a good authentic meal.  He suggested, well actually led us all the way, to Flayva's.  We were not disappointed.  

Gotta love those Central American colors.

Although the breakfast menu looked delicious, we were told the cook was just finishing up a pot of Espeneche, a local favorite.  We decided to wait on this dish which is a onion/chicken soup.

Now those are some good looking people.  Half of them American, half of them Belizean.

At last.  Our soup has arrived.  The aroma was nothing compared to the taste.  This little bowl of onion and chicken soup is so loaded with flavor my tastebuds were doing a happy dance.  Served along side the soup...homemade corn tortillas.  I really didn't think I could ever find anything this plain looking that was so flavorful...until Polita (hiding with the purple shirt) brought me over some of her homemade Espeneche a couple of days later.  Let's just say, I can still taste those wonderful flavors.

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